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Peak Nutrition Pro

Based in Belper, Derbyshire, on the outskirts of the Peak District – Peak Nutrition Pro offers a wide range of diet and nutrition consultation services.

About Us

Founded by Andrew Allsop (Distinction – Diet & Nutrition Advisor Diploma) & member of The International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. 

Peak Nutrition Pro aims to help you succeed in your own personal nutritional goals such as weight-loss, meat-free (vegetarian & vegan) diets and a more healthier relationship with food and nutrition, for greater overall health and wellbeing.


What is a Diet & Nutritional Advisor?

A Diet & Nutrition Advisor is a qualified professional who is able to work with you to improve your diet, nutritional lifestyle and overall wellbeing. Providing help and support to improve your current diet, so that you can achieve your ambitions such as, weight loss or weight gain, a vegetarian/vegan diet, as well as dietary advice on conditions such as food allergies and intolerances, IBS, diabetes dietary advice, healthy heart diets, pregnancy nutrition and lifestyle/fitness advice.

The Peak Nutrition Pro Method

We start by building up a biography of you and your life, from your medical history, lifestyle, your eating habits and any concerns that you may have with regards your diet or nutrition.

This will help us form an eating and lifestyle plan to fit around you and your routine.

We will go through beneficial foods and nutrition plans and avoid foods that may prove harmful to your overall wellbeing. We will guide you and help you understand the important role nutrition plays in your physical health. This is to ensure you feel good in mind and body and achieve your;

‘Peak Nutrition !!’

How can Peak Nutrition Pro help you?

When working with Peak Nutrition Pro, you will receive full, ongoing support either in person at our wellness centre in Belper or via an online method such as Skype or WhatsApp. We help you to overcome any barriers or issues you may have such as a change in your diet and offer guidance to ensure you stay on track. We have a strong non-judgmental policy and treat every client as an individual. We can offer advice on:

Diet & Nutrition Consultations

All of Peak Nutrition Pro’s services are fully bespoke to you and your lifestyle. After all – no two clients are the same, therefore someone else’s nutrition plan may not work for you.

Your individual service will take into account your current lifestyle and needs, it is tailored to fit around you and not become another ‘fad diet’. Your bespoke service could include any combination of the services offered, such as weight loss and an allergy or intolerance.

All of our diet and nutrition plans include a level of support to keep in contact and offer guidance, this can be done in person or via an online method such as Skype, e-mail or Whatsapp. This is to ensure you never feel alone and we can work on your unique goals together!

During initial consultations, we will discuss your current dietary lifestyle, as well as your goals and what you would like to achieve. All diet and nutrition plans are designed for different levels of support and advice, more information can be found on our ‘Plans’ page.